Daniel Retired from the Military in October of 2016.  Among some of his many jobs in the Military Daniel was a Master Fitness Instructor.  Daniel had to rethink Fitness and realized the great importance as he was a recipient of Back surgery in 2013. He had always been active and struggled greatly not being able to do what he once did. He made it his mission to learn his body again. With the help of his wife Dr.Bellah Northington he began his recovery process focusing on learning how his body reacted to different nutrition and exercise. He soon realized each individual is different. Whether they lack different essential vitamins that could be contributing to lo performance, to just learning a different way to do things without reinsuring themselves. Fitness is not all about lifting the heaviest weights like he once thought. With this in mind he sought out to help others starting his Fitness Company called Fit, FLOW, Fitness (F3).  www.fitflowfitness.com. He has attended Nutrition focused training, Army Master Fitness Training, Currently receiving his NSAM Certificate,   In Daniel's spare time he enjoys Producing Music, Yard Work, taking his 2 year old son to the park, Meal Prepping, Exercise and planning fun trips for his Wife, Bellah.